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KneeBees knee pads with rubber paws. Great for crawling !!!


Dear KneeBees Customer,

Thank you for your interest in our awesome KneeBees Knee Pads. We first created KneeBees to protect our darling daughter’s knees and elbows on her journey of discovering the world.

Soon there were many excited parents asking us where our KneeBees can be found, prompting us to make our knee and elbow pads available worldwide (we have customers as far as Australia).

We would like to ask you to please spread the word, tell your friends and relatives about our KneeBees knee and elbow pads and the protection they offer.

We would like to leave you with a quote from our New York customer Norman G.,

“… Do your Friends a favor, do your Family a favor and tell them, “This Product is Superior !” Because your Child is going to fall, hurt themselves … No !!! Not with these. You think these look the same as others. They are not !!! And they will LOVE you for that advice. Get this product. It will protect your children. Guaranteed !!!”

We don’t think we could have said it better ourselves :)


KneeBees Team


KneeBees Knee Pads Pink with Gray paws children

KneeBees knee pads with rubber paws. Great for crawling !!!

….unlike leggings, they are thick enough to

not rip or fray when she falls.

– A review by Growing Up Geeky blog


child wearing kneebees knee pads

Summer Fun with KneeBees Knee Pads !!!

My daughter falls and gets right back up.

No crying. Makes her more independent and

gives me peace of mind with one less thing

to worry about.

– Moshe M. New York, NY

baby wearing kneebees knee pads

Babies Love KneeBees Knee Pads Too !!!

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